Monday, September 1, 2008

New Blog!

Due to the "new 2008 update button glitch", (BOO!!!) we are moving our blog to a new location. Please update your links with our new address:

Also, we will be taking this opportunity to make our blog "private". If you don't receive an invite from me in the next few days, please leave me a comment so I can make sure & get one to you! We want to include you!!!

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apparently I broke my blog!

This sucks. Let me tell you what happened, as a warning to all. I wanted to make my blog look cute. It needed some aesthetic updating I felt. It was working fine. I had the new 2008 version that had "Layout" on the dashboard. As I was trying to update my template, I accidentally clicked the option "revert to classic". DO NOT DO THAT!!! Apparently there is a glitch in the "New 2008 Blogger" where there is known problem that there is not always a link to an "Update Button" which is what I need to undo my accidental "revert to classic". Arg. I'm not having success finding if there is a solution for this glitch.

Now I am wondering if I should:
A) begin a brand new blog?
B) delete this blog, then hopefully re-create a new blog & re-use the old address?
C) is option B even an option, or just something I thought up?

Any suggestions?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Broken Blog

I was trying to change my template & now it's all screwed up. I no longer have the Layout link, instead I got an older version w/ only a Template link. It says I need to click the upgrade button, but I don't have an upgrade button! Any suggestions?!?!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


We love the movie, but have you tried the dish? So good! Our good friend passed along the recipe and here's how it turned out... Yum-o!

BTW, thanks for the photog tips Tara!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We Grew'ed It!

Yup! This is the latest on our garden. We are so glad that we have been able to grow some things, hooray! Here is a picture of our crook-neck squash, zucchini we did not intentionally grow this year, & a prematurely picked baby carrot. We've also harvested a full crop of radishes (yuck). Our beets, tomatoes & melons are about to explode. Unfortunately though our strawberries seem to be kaput. Maybe our thumbs are turning a little green after all!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Caved In

So, I finally caved in & took the stinkin' quiz. I guess this is pretty accurate, although I'm far too much of a realist to have ever likened myself to anything Disney, the description does kinda fit. I am an endure-er, slow & steadfast. I believe that most things worth having usually have to be worked for, & easy come, easy go. I think that applies to all of life's true gems.

You Are Cinderella!
Image hosted by

Dignified and hard working. With a gentle and soft-spoken manner you have something many people don't. Patience. Even through the moments of heartbreak you're still able to hold onto all of your hopes and dreams. Bide your time; your dream will come true.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

However, I must re-state, I will not be reading Twilight.

Monday, August 4, 2008


That's right, Dallan fractured & sprained his ankle last week. It happened in such a lame way... too bad he wasn't doing something super cool. Pretty much, it was destiny. Life just got a little (a lot) busier. Arg. We were really enoying so much of the outdoors this summer too. I guess I can still swim & bike without him, but that's not as much fun. Of course, he's still grinning through it. Dallan is rarely without a smile. I love him, bum leg and all! Here's to a speedy recovery! He even has bruising between his toes! He gets 6 weeks of "the boot", then surgery may be considered, followed by some fun physical therapy, yipee!